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When Joseph realised that his brothers were truly SORRY for the awful things they had done to him, he FORGAVE them and told them he was their brother. They were terrified and thought Joseph was going to punish them, as they deserved! But no, Joseph had truly FORGIVEN them. He still loved them all very much!

Well children, no matter how bad we have been, the Lord Jesus still LOVES us and can FORGIVE us every sin. He gave His BLOOD on the CROSS, so we could all be FORGIVEN. He rose again from the dead and He LIVES for ever to be our FRIEND, SAVIOUR, GOD and KING. If you have never been truly SORRY for your sins and asked His FORGIVENESS, why not do it right now. PRAY the PRAYER below and ASK Jesus into your heart.

Joseph told his brothers that there were still five years of FAMINE (no food) to come. He sent them back to bring their wives and children and their Father to live near him in Egypt, where he could look after them and see they had plenty of food. He gave them carts, food and clothing and told them to hurry back.

Their Father couldn't believe, at first, that Joseph really was still alive and Ruler of Egypt. However, when he saw the carts Joseph had sent to carry him back to Egypt he believed!

"My son Joseph is still alive," he said, "I will go and see him before I die."

So they all set off for Egypt. Joseph came out in his chariot to meet his Father. As soon as they met Joseph hugged his Dad and cried for a long time.

So all Joseph's family lived near him in Egypt and had plenty of food to eat. What a HAPPY ending to our story of Joseph. Our LORD is very GOOD!

"God sent me... to save your lives" GENESIS 45 v7


"Lord Jesus I am truly SORRY for all the BAD things I have done. Thank you for dying for me on the CROSS. Please FORGIVE all my SINS right now. Come into my heart and live in me. Be my Saviour, my God and my King. Amen."

What a wonderful God Jesus is!

Questions for you to answer:-

1) His brothers thought Joseph would P_________ them.

2) But Joseph had truly F_____________ them.

3) The Lord Jesus can F__________ our sins.

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