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No.1 "He wanted to see JESUS." No.2 "They loved to see JESUS." No.3 "She got angry with JESUS." No.4 "JESUS has a better plan."
No.5 "JESUS gives LIFE!" No.6 "Mary's love for JESUS " No.7 "Wise to go to JESUS" No.8 "The CRUEL King."
No.9 "Giving to the King." No.10 "Baby and a Basket." No.11 "Lady saves Baby." No.12 "Moses runs away."
No.13 "Moses obeys God." No.14 "Saved by Blood." No.15 "Chased by King." No.16 "Walls of Water."
No.17 "King's men Dead." No.18 "Dance and Sing." No.19 "Bad made Good." No.20 "Food sent Down."
No.21 "Need more Water." No.22 "Snake on Pole." No.23 "Water into Wine" No.24 "Peter gets Fish"
No.25 "Man on Mat" No.26 "Herd of Pigs" No.27 "Jairus Girl" No.28 "Picnic Time"
No.29 "Speak the Word" No.30 "Waves obey Him" No.31 "Jesus lives Forever" No.32 "Walk on Water"
No.33 "Pray every Day" No.34 "Pray don't Stop" No.35 "Pray without Hate" No.36 "The Lion Tamer"
No.37 "Had this Dream" No.38 "Down deep Pit" No.39 "Lord with Him" No.40 "Those jail Dreams"
No.41 "King has Dream" No.42 "King gives Name" No.43 "They bow Down" No.44 "LORD was Good"
No.45 "Sick with Sin" No.46 "Tell of Jesus" No.47 "No cure Found" No.48 "He gets angry"
No.49 "He gets cured" No.50 "****" No.51 "****" No.52 "****"


We have produced AWARDS for children and young people who have either completed the lessons or have made other achievements. You can view these by clicking the links below. Well done everyone!

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Award 5 Award 6 Award 7 Award 8
Award 9 Award 10 Award 11 Award 12
Award 13 Award 14 Award 15 Award 16
Award 17 Award 18 Award 19 Award 20
Award 21 Award 22 Award 23 Award 24
Award 25 Award 26 Award 27 Award 28
Award 29 Award 30 Award 31 Award 32
Award 33 Award 34 Award 35 Award 36
Award 37 Award 38 Award 39 Award 40
Award 41 Award 42 Award 43 Award 44
Award 45 Award 46 Award 47 Award 48
Award 49 Award 50 Award 51 Award 52
Award 53 Award 54 Award 55 Award 56
Award 57 Award 58 Award ** Award **


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