Joseph and his eleven brothers were shepherds. You will know that sheep need lots of good grass to eat. This can be scarce in a hot country. Sometimes the brothers had to lead the sheep some distance from home in order to find fresh grass to feed them properly.


Once when his brothers were away from home with the sheep his Father said to Joseph,

"I want you to go and find your brothers and see how they are getting on. Then come home and tell me."

So Joseph set off to look for them. Because they were some distance away it was difficult to find them. Joseph went from place to place and at last he saw them in the distance at a place called Dothan. His brothers saw him coming and they said to one another,

"Here comes that dreamer! Let's kill him and throw him down a pit. We can pretend that a fierce animal has eaten him. Then we'll see what comes of his dreams."

So they grabbed hold of Joseph, pulled off his special coat his Father had given him and threw him down a pit. How cruel!


As they sat down to eat their food, they saw camels of some merchants who were on their way down to Egypt to sell their spices. The brothers said to one another,

"Hey, let's not kill our brother, let's sell him to these merchants, as a slave."

So they pulled Joseph up out of the pit and sold him for twenty silver pieces. Then they killed a goat and dipped Joseph's special coat in the blood. They took it back to their Father and showed it to him. He broke his heart, thinking that some wild animal had torn his favourite son to pieces.

I wonder if you can think of another special Son who was sold for some silver pieces?

Yes, of course, it was the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself. Do you know how many silver pieces Judas sold the Lord Jesus for?

Thirty silver pieces!

Well children, we know that the Lord Jesus is worth so much more than thirty silver pieces. He made all the silver in all the mines and banks and jewellers in the whole world. Yet, He loved us so much that He carried a huge wooden CROSS up the hill outside Jerusalem and allowed men to nail Him upon it. He died there for our sins and rose again three days later!

"...the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me" Galatians 2:20


"Dear Lord Jesus, thank You that You suffered much more than Joseph, when You were crucified on that cross for my sins. I am so grateful for Your amazing love for me. Amen."

What a wonderful God Jesus is!


Questions for you to answer:-

1) Who was Joseph sent to find? _______

2) They threw Joseph into a ___________

3) They sold Joseph for __________ silver pieces.

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