Water into Wine.
JESUS still does MIRACLES!.
HE can help YOU.
With big things and small things too!


We are now going to learn about the MIRACLES that JESUS did, when He was here on Earth. Do you know that JESUS still wants to do MIRACLES for YOU today? It is true! YOU can have MIRACLES if YOU BELIEVE in the LORD JESUS!

There was a couple from the town of Cana, in Galilee, who were getting married. JESUS, His mother Mary and His disciples were invited to the wedding. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a good time, eating and drinking.

Then a very embarrassing thing happened - they ran out of wine to drink! How ashamed the poor couple felt - surely this was going to spoil their wedding day! It would be like, if you invited all your friends to your birthday party and your Mum said there was no juice for anyone. You would feel awful.

The poor bride and bridegroom just didn't know what to do, but Mary, Jesus' mother went and told JESUS about it. "They have no more wine," she told Him.

Hey kids.. what do YOU do whenever something embarrassing happens? Do you tell your Mum? Or your friends? Don't tell anyone? Or do you tell JESUS? HE is a very good person to TELL.

JESUS told the servants to fill six big stone jars with WATER.


Then He told them to take some water out into a cup. Then, they saw that the WATER had been turned into the best WINE. It was a MIRACLE! GOD was showing just how much He LOVES and CARES for ordinary people. He doesn't want any one of us to be ASHAMED. He will give us everything that we need if we put our TRUST in Him.




"Dear Lord Jesus, YOU love me so much. Help me to tell YOU about the things I need. Help me to TRUST YOU and to talk to YOU every day, as my FRIEND. Amen."

Questions for you to answer:-

1) What was JESUS invited to? __________

2) What did they run out of? ___________

3) How many jars of water were filled? ________

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