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Well children, at last the Hebrew slaves were FREE. How exciting it must have been for all those thousands of men, women and children. Perhaps about two million people, left Egypt together. We just can't imagine such a crowd of people! But not long after the slaves had all left, the King changed his mind. He got ready his chariot, with his whole army, to go after Moses and to bring the people of Israel back! The LORD told Moses, "The King is coming after you, but I will teach him a lesson, and the Egyptians will know that I am the LORD." But the people were terrified, when they heard the noise of the King's chariots and horses. They began to grumble and to blame Moses. "This is all your fault, Moses. Now we are all going to die here in the desert. We were better off being slaves. At least we were alive!"

But Moses answered the people, "Don't be afraid. The LORD will SAVE you today. You will never see these Egyptians again. The LORD will fight for you. Just stay calm."

Still, it wasn't easy for the Israelites to TRUST in the LORD to SAVE them. They had arrived at the shore of the RED SEA and with the King's army getting closer, it looked as though they were TRAPPED. But the LORD GOD had a WAY to SAVE them. Do you know what it was? Well, you can find out in the next lesson. The LORD GOD also has a WAY to SAVE You and me from HELL. Do you know what the WAY is? The WAY is the LORD JESUS CHRIST, Himself, who died for your sins on the Cross and rose again!

"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.." Acts 16:31


"Dear Lord Jesus, I believe in YOU and therefore I am SAVED. Amen."

Questions for you to answer:-

1) The King had chariots and H___________

2) The people came to the R_____ Sea.

3) Who, did Moses say, would SAVE the people? _________

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