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Daniel loved to PRAY and he loved to WORK hard for King Darius. Darius liked Daniel a lot and because he was such a good worker, the King planned to put Daniel in charge of the whole kingdom. Daniel would be a kind of Prime Minister. Good for Daniel!

However, some of the King's men were JEALOUS of Daniel and they didn't want him to be put in charge. They plotted to get rid of Daniel. They tried to find something bad that he had done, so that they could accuse him before the King. But Daniel was such an honest and good man, that they could find no fault in him. "We'll never get rid of him," they said to one another, "unless it has something to do with Daniel's God."

Soon they came up with a cruel plan. They went to the King and asked him to pass a new LAW.

"What new law do you want?" asked the King.

They all replied, "If anyone PRAYS to any other god or man during the next thirty days, except to you, O King, he shall be thrown into the lions den."

"Okay," agreed the King, and he made the new law. He didn't realise they were plotting to get rid of Daniel.

Well children, whenever Daniel heard about the new law, that if anyone was found praying to any other god or man except the King, he would be thrown into the lions den... what do you think he did? Yes, of course, he went home to his upstairs window, got down on his knees and PRAYED three times a day, thanking God, just as he had done before!

GOOD FOR DANIEL... let's give him a clap. "Clap.. clap.. clap."



"Dear Lord Jesus, help me to be brave like Daniel, and to PRAY to You and thank You, every day, no matter what anyone says or does to try and STOP me. Amen."

What a wonderful God Jesus is!

" ..pray to your Father..." MATTHEW 6:6

Questions for you to answer:-

1) The King's men were J___________ of Daniel.

2) They got the King to pass a new L_____

3) But Daniel kept on P_____________

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