This story is about two sisters, who LOVED to see the LORD JESUS. Their names were MARY and MARTHA and they lived in Bethany. The LORD JESUS would often visit them. Martha was a great cook and would make Him a nice dinner. Mary liked to sit down, at His feet and listen to His wonderful stories. Both of them LOVED the LORD JESUS very much and He loved them too.

Well kids, the LORD JESUS loves you very much. Do you love Him? If you do, you will do good things for Him like Martha and you will also, listen to His stories like Mary.

How do you do GOOD things for JESUS today? Well, every time you do something GOOD for someone, you are doing it to JESUS!

How do you LISTEN to His stories today? Well, every time you READ these BIBLE stories, you are LISTENING to JESUS!

Now we are going to PRAY. Prayer is just TALKING to JESUS, just as you would talk to a FRIEND who cares for you...

PRAY this prayer to Him now,

"Dear LORD JESUS, thank YOU that YOU love me very much. I love YOU too. Help me to do a GOOD thing today for somebody. Help me to LISTEN to YOU as I read the Bible stories. AMEN."

Questions for you to answer:-

1) Name the two sisters _____________ _____________

2) What did Martha like to do? _____________

3) What did Mary like to do? ______________________

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