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Hi children.. the people of Israel had safely crossed the Red Sea and their enemies, the Egyptians were all dead. But they still had to TRUST the LORD because they were travelling in a very hot desert.

If you live in a hot country or if you have ever been on holiday to one, you will know how thirsty you get. It is good to have a lovely cold coke! Well the people had travelled for THREE whole days without finding any water and they were very thirsty. All they could see was sand, for miles. Then suddenly, a shout was heard, "There's WATER up ahead!" Well, how excited the people were. You know children, without water they would soon have all died!

But whenever they tried to drink the water, it tasted HORRIBLE. It was so BITTER that they couldn't drink it! How terribly disappointed they all were!

Then the people began to get ANGRY and they blamed Moses. "This is all your fault, Moses," they said, "what are we supposed to drink?"

Moses prayed to the LORD and the LORD showed him a TREE. He threw it into the water and it became SWEET. Then all the people enjoyed drinking the lovely SWEET water that the LORD had provided for them.

You know children, that TREE that made the BAD water GOOD reminds us of another TREE, that is the CROSS on which our LORD JESUS died. He DIED on a TREE to make You and Me who were so BAD and SINFUL, GOOD and PURE. Because JESUS died for our sins, we can live for ever in Heaven!

"I am the LORD, who heals you." Exodus 15:26


"Dear Lord Jesus, You died on a TREE called the CROSS to make me GOOD. I have SINNED and done BAD things. Take my SINS away and make me GOOD. Amen."

Questions for you to answer:-

1) Where were they travelling? __________

2) What was wrong with the water? ___________

3) What did Moses throw into the water? _______

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