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Hi children.. have you ever been so excited that you want to shout, or jump in the air, or sing? Well, Moses and the Hebrew people were so excited when the LORD God SAVED them from the cruel Egyptians and their king, that they wanted to DANCE and SING and to PRAISE the LORD!

Miriam, the sister of Moses and Aaron, got her tambourine and all the women followed her, with tambourines and dancing. How beautiful!

Miriam sang a song to them. It went like this.. "Sing to the LORD for He is GREAT! He has thrown the horses and the soldiers who were after us, into the sea."

All the people were so GLAD that the LORD had SAVED them from being killed or captured by their cruel enemies!

How many HAPPY FACES can you count in the picture below? Can you find nineteen? The people were so grateful to the LORD, for opening up the RED SEA, so they could pass through safely and escape from the King's army. They all sang, "The LORD makes me STRONG. The LORD has SAVED me. He is my God, and I will PRAISE Him."

Well you know children, we need to be SAVED too. We have a cruel enemy called the Devil. He wants to make us his slaves for ever. He controls us through something inside us called SIN. Whenever we think, or say, or do BAD things, this is SIN and the Devil has us in his control. We cannot break away from the Devil by ourselves. He is too strong for us. That is why we need the LORD JESUS. JESUS is GOD and the Devil is weak, compared to Him. When He DIED on the CROSS, the LORD JESUS took away our SIN. If we ASK Him, He will COME into our hearts, FORGIVE us all our SIN, and SAVE us from the Devil's control. Then, with JESUS in your heart, You can SING and JUMP and DANCE and PRAISE God!

"He is my God and I will praise him." Exodus 15:2


"Dear Lord Jesus, You are a GREAT and WONDERFUL God. You DIED on the CROSS to SAVE me from SIN and to set me FREE from the Devil's control. Thank You so much. I am so excited by You and by all You have done for me. I want to SHOUT and JUMP and DANCE and SING. Amen."

Questions for you to answer:-

1) What did Miriam play? __________

2) Who is our STRONG enemy? ___________

3) Who is STRONGER than he is? _______

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