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"What is your life? You are like a puff of steam which

appears for a moment then disappears."

James 4:14


James, the Lord's brother, who was himself a disciple of Jesus', put this question to the preoccupied, travelling, business people of his time.

If you are a busy executive type, who jets around from one city to another, with your work, you need to be reminded that no matter how much money you are making, and how successful you appear to be, if God is left out of the picture, YOU ARE A BIG LOSER!

You see, that short, little life of yours will soon be over - like a puff of steam from the kettle, it will quickly disappear for ever and your undying SOUL will go out into ETERNITY to meet Almighty God, who made you!

If you are not a real, true Christian at that point, through having ACCEPTED Christ as your SAVIOUR from SIN and having LIVED a life of OBEDIENCE to Christ as proof of true CONVERSION, you will face the JUDGEMENT of God as a sinner and be BANISHED to an eternal, conscious, burning HELL for ever!

PLEASE think about your SOUL tonight. These things are deadly serious. No one knows if they will live another day. You could die tonight without Christ and without HOPE! Your position in the Company won't help you, then. Your qualifications, your money even the good things you have done, or the church services you attended, won't earn you a place in HEAVEN. You died as you lived, without Christ and now are LOST for ever!

These things apply very much to young people too! In 1999 we spent a considerable amount of time at the gravesides of young people, including teenagers! Some died through overdose; some died by violence and some through illness! Young person THINK about your SOUL - right now, as you sit at your screen. Millions have died young, why not YOU? Are you READY to meet GOD today?

"How do I get READY?" you may ask. Listen to the words of the Lord Jesus, himself..

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
I am the good shepherd.
The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep."
John 10:10-11

The Lord Jesus came to give us a new kind of life, called ETERNAL LIFE. This life begins, on Earth, the moment we are SAVED, or BORN AGAIN, and goes on in ETERNITY after we die. In order to PROVIDE this life for you and me, the Lord Jesus had to DIE on the CROSS. He was the good shepherd, who laid down His life for us, His sheep.

He died for our SIN and ROSE again. Now He offers ETERNAL LIFE to all those who put their TRUST in Him and who truly BELIEVE on Him, in a way that CHANGES their lives. You can always tell a REAL Christian because he lives in OBEDIENCE to the Lord Jesus Christ. The person who BELIEVES on Christ, is a DIFFERENT person! Don't kid yourself - if there is no real CHANGE there is no real CHRISTIAN! Listen again to Jesus' words..

"I tell you the truth,
he who believes
has eternal life."
John 6:47

Can we ask you, once again, "What is your life?"
May God help YOU to realise that it can be ETERNAL LIFE , THROUGH THE LORD JESUS!

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