The LORD God sent nine terrible disasters on the Egyptians and still the cruel King, would not let the Hebrews go! God's people were really unhappy, by this time. They thought they were going to be slaves for ever! But then the LORD said, "I will send one more disaster on the King and he will let you go."

The LORD told Moses, that at midnight, He would strike dead the firstborn son of every Egyptian family, whether rich or poor. The LORD also told Moses, to tell each Hebrew family to take a LAMB and kill it. Then, they had to put it's BLOOD into a basin and with some branches, paint the BLOOD on the outside door posts and across the top of the door frame. The Hebrew families were to stay inside, when God passed through the land to destroy the firstborn. The LORD would see the BLOOD on the door posts and PASS OVER, not allowing anyone to die, inside.

Well kids, you know that at midnight the LORD sent His last most awful disaster upon Egypt and all the firstborn sons of the Egyptian families died, including the King's son! But in the homes of the Israelites, which had the BLOOD on the doors, no one was harmed!

During the night, the King called for Moses, "Go and worship the LORD. Take your animals with you and pray for me." The Egyptians were terrified and thought they might all die, so they urged the Hebrews to hurry and leave quickly. They gave them gold and silver and clothes and food, to take with them.

So, the people of Israel left Egypt. They were slaves no longer. They were FREE men and women and children. How exciting! Isn't the LORD wonderful? He set them FREE, by the BLOOD of the lamb. Yes, and the LORD also can set YOU and me FREE by the BLOOD of another LAMB. Our LAMB is the LORD JESUS CHRIST, who DIED and poured out His precious BLOOD for our sins on the CROSS.


"Look, the Lamb of God!" JOHN 1:36



"Dear Lord Jesus, I want You to be my LAMB. Please set me FREE from my sins by Your BLOOD.Amen."

Questions for you to answer:-

1) The Hebrew families had to kill a L________

2) What had they to paint on the door posts? ___________

3) Who is our LAMB? ____________

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