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Long ago, the people of Israel lived, happily and peacefully in the land of Egypt. But one day Egypt got a new King, a very cruel man, who made them all his SLAVES!

Not only did he make the people of Israel work awfully hard, but he also made a terrible LAW, that every baby boy born, was to be thrown into the River Nile! Only the baby girls were allowed to live!

Well, there was a lady expecting a new baby and she thought it was likely to be a boy. Of course she did not want him to be thrown into the river, so she called her husband and her older daughter and son. They made a plan that they would hide the baby, when he was born, so that the king's men could not take him away!

So that is what they did. After he was born they managed to hide him for three months.. but by then he was getting BIGGER..

When the child was too big to hide, any longer, his mother made a basket for him. She painted it with tar and pitch to make it waterproof, then she placed her baby inside and put it among the reeds, along the bank of the River Nile. His big sister watched the basket to see what would happen to her baby brother.

We know that each person in this family LOVED and TRUSTED in the LORD GOD. They KNEW that the LORD would HELP their little one, somehow, in spite of the king's cruel and wicked LAW.

Maybe YOU are a small boy or girl..
Can we ask you a question.. Do YOU trust in the LORD JESUS? Small as you are, do YOU believe that JESUS LOVES YOU?



"Dear Lord Jesus, help me to KNOW that, small as I am YOU LOVE me and want to HELP me. I am SORRY for my SINS. Please FORGIVE me. THANK YOU for dying for me on the CROSS. Please COME into my life and be my GOD. Amen."

Questions for you to answer:-

1) Name the LAND lived in? _____________

2) Name the River the baby boys were thrown into. _______

3) What did his mother make for him? _____________

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